Dressing, someone may ask what is dressing and how best can I dress to suit myself? First of all, let us answer the question, what is dressing? English dictionary defines it as, the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes.

Another school of thought says, putting on clothes to cover our nakedness. Dressing as it has been defined so simple, has so many reputations attached to it, but it is silent to our noticed. Dressing is a code of language to transmit some kind of message or signal to the environment we live in. Now let us dive into the reputations attached to dressing;

1. Dressing can give you the signal of who you are; someone may ask, how? Ok, let us see some scenarios in this instance. Have you asked yourself, why is it that Pastors, Imans, Bishops, Bankers, Lawyers, and the likes, has their way of dressing to suit the occasion at hand. That shows that dressing can depict who you are. If still not convinced, why is it that, CIDs has to disguise themselves in terms of investigations, to get the type of information they need. Your dressing speaks a lot on your behave or who you are, that is why we need to know the type of dressing we put on, and the type of reputation we are searching for ourselves. I believe dressing can be disguising that, tells us that, yes, every dressing has its code, alongside its stigmatization, so we must know how to dress, so we will not be mistaken to be a bad person.

2. Dress to suit the occasion; this is the moment your dressing suit the occasion. Is so appalling to see the youth of today that are blinded by fashion to dressing in such an appalling way all in the name of fashion. People going half naked, claiming is fashion or some may say “SWAG”, forgetting the type of reputation they are buying for themselves. Gone at the days, for you to just see the thigh of a lady, you have to get married to that lady before, but in this modern days, what do we get? If you want to see such things, all you have to do now is just stand on the road or the street and you can watch whatever you wanted watch without paying a penny. Ladies with that, where is your pride? The world need not see all that, you need to keep that for your husband or  someone you intend to marry that makes you more wanting because you are put him in suspense.

3. Dressing says it all; Dressing back in the time of old, people are noticed for the type of dressing they portray, Sir Isaac Newton, Aristotle and  the rest, they were dressed in the learned style, as well as, pirates has their code of dressing. Have you wondered why you cannot wear a suit to swim at the beach? You will be ridiculed, because that is not the code. Look at how the musicians, drug addict, and the likes dress? It portrays who they are. Do you know that, dressing can be deceptive? The dress code you gave out, is a signal you are giving to the public. A drug addict can dress as a banker and smuggle a drug but cannot do otherwise to smuggle a drug why? Because of the code or the signal you gave out by your dressing. Go to the club and see the strippers and see the type of dressing they do, but now a days most ladies go by that dressing and still wants a good man to marry. Dressing in such a man will not give you a husband but rather, it will give you someone who is interested in your body because of what he sees, and those guys mostly cheat because, excuse me to say, you are not the only one that have that sexy body. Hide yourself or dress in a decent way to get, that decent man you want in your life. You cannot dress as a beast and expect an angel to come for you, it does not work that way. Aristotle stated a law called, cause and effect, which means, anything you do (cause) has its repercussions (effect). You cannot say you want to marry a pastor and dress like you a stripper, no man of God will go for such a lady cause he has his reputation to protect and the Bible do not go for that kind of dressing (dressing is a code), even if he marries you, he will change you to dress differently and that is the code that will suit his reputation. So if you need a clubber to marry, then you dress in that regard to give that signal but if who want the opposite you need to dress in that regard, because dressing has its own code and we have  different kinds of decoders of dressing.

Author:Anthony Dorkordi