A former Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) worker, Amankwah Ampofo, says widespread news that black magic practice is common at the state-owned media organisation is false.

The ace broadcaster indicated that such hearsay lacks positive accuracy stating that he did not witness any throughout his four decades stay at the media conglomerate.

The use of black magic at the offices of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation across the country has been long-standing debate. Often rumors attribute the deaths of GBC staff to the practice of black magic as they fight against each other over positions.

“I have heard several of them. I spent forty (40) years at GBC, we heard it those days when you join the GBC some [workers] tell you. You’ll come and see some substance on your table. It’s a belief, I don’t believe because I don’t have any evil thoughts against anyone,” Amankwah Ampofo said on Legends on TV XYZ on Sunday, 2 August 2020.

The celebrated anchorman wondered why none of his colleagues at GBC used black magic also known as ‘Juju’ on him if truly it existed at the workplace.

“No one. I have worked there. I was an artiste there for ten years before I was employed and I worked for over thirty years at GBC. So, if there’s any practice of black magic there I don’t know why i didn’t become a victim,” he wondered.

Responding to a question whether or not he heard his workmates lament about the practice of black magic, Mr Ampofo answered in the affirmative, however, he, insisted it doesn’t exist at the GBC.

“With that I heard people say but I didn’t see the black magic caused it. I don’t have that belief that black magic work. When you work freely with clean mindset you will go your way. You came to work”

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